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IGDA Game Jam

November 18-20 Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella

IGDA GameJam 2016 is a 3-day hackathon event focusing on the ever evolving relationship between films and games. Partnering up film IP owners and game programmers to create new connections unifying these 2 seemingly separate industries with the outcome of a game prototype that could benefit both sides.


Film IP’s will be introduced to the teams so the developers can use the photos, video and other materials from the films to create a game prototype with various complexities. The teams have 48-hours to come up with a working playable prototype.


This is a non-profit exercise to demonstrate a creative way of joining two industries. Both sides can use the prototypes for marketing purposes for a limited amount of time, but they are also free to make further deals if they see such potential in the prototype.


Game Jam Tallinn 2016