Black Nights Catwalk

Black Nights Catwalk - high fashion meets film

Black Nights Catwalk is a new fashion and design event taking place during Black Nights Film Festival. Binding together a fashion show, the glamour of the entertainment world and unique ambiance, rich of history and culture, you get an event one shouldn't miss.

Black Nights Catwalk is advocating the cooperation between the film, fashion, and design industries, creating an exclusive platform for introducing the work of Estonian film production design professionals, local and international film actors.

The first Black Nights Catwalk took place in November 2016 in Kõu Manor, organised in collaboration between Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Amanjeda fashion brand.

In 2017, Black Nights Catwalk will be co-organised together with Creative Gate, the newly-formed creative industry development center. Creative Gate markets and sells Estonian companies active in the film industry and creative sector supporting it to the international productions and service buyers.

Black Nights Catwalk 2017

On 28 November, the magnificent Black Nights Catwalk takes place in the black box of Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), bringing together film music, fashion, and film art.

Highlights of the event:

Estonian Fashion Brands Association presents a concept called Northern Spirit created by Helen Sirp. Northen Spirit combines Estonian design and contemporary dance in a modern note. Presenting talented Ivo Nikkolo, Kristiina Viirpalu, Roberta Eineri, Oksana Tanditi, Tiina Talumehe, Sangari, Tanel Veenre, Montoni, Baltmani and d’difference latest collections.

Industry@Tallinn in cooperation with German Films presents seven young film actors in the Baltic Sea Region and introduces the Flanders focus area in the Industry@Tallinn

* An exhibition of costumes and props used in Estonian films, specially created for the event by the members of the Estonian Film Artists' Union, is opened.

The musical highlight of the evening is Sofia Rubina Band & DJ Julm, who has created a special live & electronic music program inspired by Estonian films. The host of the evening is multitalented film director Mart Sander.

The partners of the project are Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University, ShortEst Estonian Short Film Centre, Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Fashion Brands' Association, Estonian Film Industry Export Union, Estonian Film Art Department and Film Artists' Union. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, Flanders and German film centers, Max Factor, L'Anza Hair Bar and Liviko (Vana Tallinn).

More information on the activities and membership of the development center is available at the website

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