Works In Progress

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event has two Works in Progress showcases: the International and the Baltic Event Works in Progress, both will be evaluated by the same jury. The International WIP will run for the third time, whereas Baltic Event WIP sees its 16th edition. The audience of the Works In Progress consists mainly of professional buyers, sales agents, film financiers and festival prorgrammers, including representatives of many of the major film festivals in the world.

Submissions for 2018 International and Baltic Works in Progress are now closed. Selected projects will be announced soon.

Jury will be announced in October.

2017 jury included: Maryna Ajaja (Seattle IFF, USA), Olivier Barbier (Wild Bunch, France), Olivier Heitz (MK2, France),
Tõnis Kiis (Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies, USA), Hubert von Spreti, Kick Film GmbH, Germany.


Projects will be announced in October.

2017 projects and award winners

The Post Production Award (10 000 euros) winner:

Crystal Swan by Darya Zhuk
Belarus, Germany, US
Producers: Birgit Goernbock, Debbie Vandermeulen, Olga Goister, Valery Dmitrotchenko
Co-producers: Andrey Isachenko
Production companies: Demarshfilm, Unfound Content, Fusion Features, Vice Films, Belarus Film 

Baltic View Award (DCP production worth of 3000 Euros) winner:

43 by Dimitry Tsintsadze
Georgia, Russia
Producer: Rusudan Glurjidze
Co-producers: Nadezhda Gorshkova
Production companies: Cinetech Film Production, Viva Films 

Clay Pit by Vera Glagoleva
Russia, Kazakhstan
Producer: Natalia Ivanova
Co-producers: Shinar Boribaeva (Kazakhstan)
Production companies: Horosho Production, LLP Alizhanfilm

Coming to You by Kirill Mikhanovsky
United States
Producer: A. Austen, K. Mikhanovsky, Drew Houpt
Production company: Give Me Liberty Productions

The Song of the Tree by Aibek Dairbekov
Kyrgyzstan, Russia
Producers: Tolkun Daırbekova, Andrey Epifanov, Tanya Petrik
Production companies: Central Asia Film (Kyrgyzstan), Cinetrain (Russia)

Amidst the Fog by Augusto Sandino
Colombia, Brazil
Producer: Augusto Sandino
Co-producers: Claudio Cao Quintas, Gio Park, Mario Viana Garcia
Production companies: Schweizen Media Group, Psycut, Viana Producciones

A Dancing Jellyfish by Aurelio Laino
United Kingdom, Italy
Producer: Aurelio Laino
Co-producers: Alessandro D’Alessandro, Germano Wolf
Production companies: Freeside Films (UK), 4Rooms, Decima Rosa (ITA)

As I Fall by Magnus Meyer Arnesen
Producer: Gyda Velvin Myklebust and Magnus Kristiansen
Production companies: Den Norske Filmskolen

Spitak by Alexander Kott
Armenia, Russia
Producer: Elena Glikman
Co-producers: Tereza Varzhapetyan
Production companies: Telesto Film

Packing Heavy by Dario Mascambroni
Producer Fernanda Rocca
Production companies Rocca Lada Fernanda Gabriela

In the Hood by Olya Zueva
Producers: Ruben Dishdidhyanm Danila Kozlovsky
Production companies: Mars Media Entertainment, DK Entertainment

Thousand Dreams by Marat Sarulu
Producer: Gulmira Kerimova, Aybek Dzhangaziyev
Co-producers: Chinara Kamchibekova
Production companies: film studio Kyrgyzfilm 

Projects will be announced in October.

2017 Projects  and awards

Baltic Event Works in Progress Award (3000 Euros):

Motherland by Tomas Vengris
Lithuania, Latvia
Producer: Uljana Kim
Co-producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Production companies: Studio Uljana Kim, Locomotive Productions 

Baltic View Award  (DCP production worth of 3000 Euros):

Take It or Leave It by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo
Producer: Ivo Felt
Production company: Allfilm 

Captain Morten and the Spider Queen by Kaspar Jancis
Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, UK
Producer: Kerdi Oengo
Co-producers: Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons
Production companies: Nukufilm, Telegael, GRID-vfx

The Little Comrade by Moonika Siimets
Producer: Riina Sildos
Production company: Amrion

The Riddle of Jaan Niemand by Kaur Kokk
Producer: Katrin Kissa
Production company: Homeless Bob Production

Scandinavian Silence by Martti Helde
Estonia, France, Belgium
Producer: Elina Litvinova
Co-producers: Eric Vicente, Frederic de Goldschmidt
Production companies: Three Brothers, ARP Selection, Media International

One Last Deal by Klaus Härö
Producers: Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho
Production company: Making Movies Oy

The Mover by Davis Simanis
Producer: Gints Grube, Antra Gaile
Production companies: Mistrus Media

Nothing Can Stop Us Now by Andris Gauja
Producer: Andris Gauja
Production company: Riverbed

Breathing into Marble by Giedre Beinoriute
Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia
Producer: Dagne Vildžiunaite
Co-producers: Inese Boka-Grube, Matija Radeljak
Production companies: Just a moment, Mistrus Media, Aning Film