European Genre Forum enters next stage Tallinn

The EGF is a training programme that sets to boost the careers of future players in the genre film industry through four days of trainings, panels and pitching sessions. The programme, aimed at European director/producer teams developing their 1st or 2nd feature length genre film project, is jointly organised by Fantastic Zagreb, Imagine Film Festival (Amsterdam), Black Nights FF and its Industry platform Industry@Tallinn& Baltic Event (Tallinn) and Screen Division (Paris).

The EGF consists of three talent labs that take place during the respective organiser’s events: the Director’s Lab takes place in Amsterdam during the Imagine Film Festival, the Producer’s Lab in Zagreb during Fantastic Zagreb, and the final, Sales, Marketing & Packaging Lab in Tallinn during the Black Nights Film Festival from 24 – 28 November.

EGF Pitch is open to all industry accreditation holders. It takes place on Monday, 27.11.2017, 11.40-12.20 in the Sirius hall of Nordic Hotel Forum.


The European Genre Forum mentors include director Alexandre Philippe (78/52) and Martin Koolhoven (Brimstone); producers Ant Timpson (Turbo Kid) and Joshua Sobel (Are We Not Cats), Brendan Mccarthy (Wake Wood), journalist and film publicist Aaron Hillis (Indiegogo) and others.


  • Family Dinner (Austria, dir. Peter Hengl, prod. Lola-Basara Hengl)
  • Hum (UK, dir. Stefano Nurra, prod. Scott Imren)
  • The Leprechauns (Ireland, dir. Martin Stalker, prod. Chris Patterson)
  • Mindscape (Portugal, dir. João Alves, prod. Bruno Caetano)
  • Out There (Scotland, dir. David Lumsden, prod. Katie Crook)
  • Striguni (Croatia, dir. Aldo Tardozzi, prod. Barbara Jukopila)
  • Thaw (Portugal (dir. Haritz Zubillaga, prod. Norma Vila)
  • The Woolgatherer’s Store (dir. Chuck Borden, prod. Ross Walker)