Black Nights Catwalk

On 28 Nov, the magnificent Black Nights Catwalk takes place in the blackbox of Tallinn Creative Hub, bringing together film music, fashion, and film art. An exhibition of costumes and props used in Estonian films, specially created for the event by the members of the Estonian Film Artists’ Union, is opened. More information on the activities and membership of the development centre is available at the website www.creativegate.ee.

The partners of the project are Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University, ShortEst Estonian Short Film Centre, Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Fashion Brands’ Association, Estonian Film Industry Export Union, Estonian Film Art Department and Film Artists’ Union. The project is supported in the amount of 300 000 EUR by the European Regional Development Fund, Max Factor, Flanders and German film centres.