Let us introduce you: brand new TV Beats
November 16, 2018

Narva Creative Incubator OBJEKT introduces this year at Black Nights Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event a new audiovisual media development programme, TV Beats, with the aim to grow the TV production ecosystem in the Baltic region.

TV Beats continues to develop a program dedicated to TV series, which presented three new international series to festival audiences last year. This year’s project gives TV Beats a brand new dimension, as it aims to facilitate the growth of the local TV production ecosystem.

In the framework of the programme, TV Beats Forum will take place before the official start of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event on November 23rd, 2018, where world-class TV producers from Great Britain, Finland and Russia will share their valuable experience. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how the best formats are found, produced, and channelled and to discuss the main principles of building a successful TV production industry ecosystem.

"The TV Beats programme aims to highlight the increasingly blurred borders between the small and big screens. The development program and the forum contribute to the growth of essential industry competence on the ground; and Estonia could become a place for co-production of TV series and other formats in the future" – Tiina Lokk, Director of the Black Nights Film Festival.

The programme started with IdeaLabs in Narva and Tallinn last week, gathering video bloggers and TV producers, as well other audiovisual media professionals and enthusiasts to discover new formats, technologies, business models, and to develop the industry network. Hackathon, the next step after IdeaLabs takes place in Narva between December 7th and 9th. Organisers have chosen the following areas where fresh ideas are sought: TV production, vlogging, VR and AR, visual effects and animation. After the hackathon, the best teams will have a chance to take part in the pre-acceleration and present their demo to potential investors at @sTARTUpday in Tartu on January 24th, 2019.

TV Beats is organised with the help of Europe's most experienced B2B accelerator, Startup Wise Guys. 

"Hackathons are a great birthplace of talented startup teams, as it can be seen from the example of Garage48 and many of our portfolio startups. But making it for real, and big, after the initial 48h of fun and sweat requires immediate work, and the guidance of experienced mentors. This is the exciting side of the TV Beats program – it follows an idea from the start to pre-acceleration“ – Farid Singh, Startup Wise Guys Program Lead.

"We are welcoming people who are already active in the industry, but also those who are still making their first steps in the area of audiovisual media and TV production, and need a professional boost. In addition, participation in TV Beats gives you the opportunity to create new acquaintances in the TV industry and be part of the PÖFF and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event network" – Jana Pavlenkova, Managing Director of the Narva Creative Incubator OBJEKT.

The 22nd Black Night Film Festival runs from the 16th of November until the 2nd of December.

The TV Beats programme is financed from the European Regional Development Fund via Enterprise Estonia (EAS) through the project EU51523. 

Registration and tickets  here.
November 23, 2018 @Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella

Adrian Bate – Producer/Co-Founder, Vox Pictures (UK)
Liselott Forsman – Vice-President, YLE, Nordvision (Finland)
Alexandra Modestova – General Director, Ekspokontent (Russia)
Paul Aguraiuja – Producer, Itamambuca Production, TV Series The Bank (“Pank”) (Estonia)
Laura Kuulasmaa – Business Manager, Elisa Viihde (Finland)
Ani Korpela – Head of Content, Elisa Viihde (Finland)
Anna Gudkova, editor and creative producer (Estonia)

14:30-15:00 Registration
15:00-15:15 Opening Words by Tiina Lokk, Director of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival; Marge Liiske, Head of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event and Jana Pavlenkova, Founder of Creative industry incubator OBJEKT
15:15-15:35 Case Study 1: The Biggest Challenges Production Communities Face Today – Andrian Bate, Vox Pictures, UK
15:35-15:55 Case Study 2: Creating an Internationally Successful Film Production Capacity on a National Level: Lessons Learned – Anna Gudkova, editor and creative producer
15:55-16:15 Case Study 3: How to Produce and Sell Something You Have Never Done before? – Paul Aguraiuja
16:15-16:35 Case Study 4: The Most Successful Practices and Examples from Russia – Alexandra Modestova
16:35-16:55 Case Study 5: How to Build up an Internationally Successful TV Series Production Industry – Liselott Forsmann
17:10-17:15 Keynote Video: Elisa Finland - Content and Today's Co-Production Strategies – Laura Kuulasmaa, Ani Korpela
17:15-18:15 Panel Discussion: Could Baltics become an International TV Series Production Hub? Moderator: Darja Saar, producer, TV Beat Forum coordinator
18:15-19:30 Matchmaking Night